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The Next Goal

August 14, 2006

261.5 That was my weight this morning. When I started almost three months to the day, I weighed 294. That’s a pretty nice drop but alas there is still more to be done. Actually I’m fine with that. While I feel good, I don’t feel ready to stop.

I found breaking things down to small goals helped me. The first goal was to make it to vacation lighter than I was and obviously I did that. Sure, I would have loved to be exactly where I wanted to be but at least I wasn’t as self-consious as I would have been if I didn’t do anything.

Now that vacation is over, what’s the next short-term event? I can think of a couple of different things. One, my doctor wanted to see me in four months so I have a month or so to get ready for that. The second would be when I take my daughter to school. It would be nice to look much different than last year when I took her. Yes, that’s definitely shallow but sometimes that’s enough.