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The Next Goal

August 14, 2006

261.5 That was my weight this morning. When I started almost three months to the day, I weighed 294. That’s a pretty nice drop but alas there is still more to be done. Actually I’m fine with that. While I feel good, I don’t feel ready to stop.

I found breaking things down to small goals helped me. The first goal was to make it to vacation lighter than I was and obviously I did that. Sure, I would have loved to be exactly where I wanted to be but at least I wasn’t as self-consious as I would have been if I didn’t do anything.

Now that vacation is over, what’s the next short-term event? I can think of a couple of different things. One, my doctor wanted to see me in four months so I have a month or so to get ready for that. The second would be when I take my daughter to school. It would be nice to look much different than last year when I took her. Yes, that’s definitely shallow but sometimes that’s enough.


Mondays and Thursdays

July 17, 2006

I’ll keep going on the back story in another post but for now, I just want to talk about my office environment on every Monday and Thursday. It is a minefield for me in the mornings. Mondays see fresh, hot doughnuts being brought in and Thursdays, it’s bagels. I love both but probably doughnuts more than anything. There just really isn’t anything like it.

Of course, as I’m working on my health and fitness, having a doughnut (or three since I can’t just stop at one) doesn’t seem the most appropriate choice and obviously it isn’t.

Today though was a bit different since I saw the pink boxes filled with wonderful-tasting fatness, I looked at them but I didn’t take one. I didn’t want to ruin the good workout I had this morning and the work I’ve been doing. It would take less that 20 seconds to eat the whole thing and it might have been worth it on some level but then not only would I have eaten something truly awful for me but I’d also beat myself up about all day and that has led to additional doughnuts or trips to McDonald’s because I figure what’s the use.

Instead, I grabbed my apple from the refrigerator and a new bottle of water and headed back to my office, no harm done. I’m not going to say that I can withstand any temptation now but for today, I’m happy I stared down the beast and calmly walked away.